Craft Beer, Cheese & Charcuterie Tasting

Craft Beer, Cheese & Charcuterie Tasting
HUF HUF10,100.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Product code: BCCTastingTT
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There are micro-breweries (both larger ones and itinerant brewers) across the country, too many craft beers to count, craft beer festivals, bars (and trucks) dedicated to craft beer, and legions of loyal fans. These days there’s no respectable bar or restaurant in Budapest that doesn’t offer at least a few of the growing number of locally-produced craft beers. There’s everything from pale ale, stout, and wheat beer to a variety of fruit beers and local specialties such as a beer that used Tokaji aszú as an ingredient. Hungary’s brewers are a creative bunch, and that innovation not only includes the beer inside the bottle, but also the artistic labels and the specialized bars which are becoming mainstays of the Budapest nightlife scene.

Held at our beautiful tasting room, this annotated tasting will put all of this into context for you. The tasting features top-notch Hungarian craft beer paired with a selection of the country’s best artisan cheese and charcuterie. It’s the perfect way to take a short break from a day of sightseeing. Just as we believe that wine is always better with food, so is beer. As our beer expert leads you through the tasting, regaling you with stories from the frontlines of Budapest’s craft beer revolution, you’ll enjoy a selection of the best local cheese and charcuterie (as well as some other surprises). We source our cheese and charcuterie directly from the country’s finest artisan cheesemakers and we buy our charcuterie straight from the farmers (including mangalica pork sausages, free-range water buffalo salami, smoked duck breast, and grey beef sausage). Cheesemaking is also undergoing a revival. During the Communist era in Hungary, the art of cheesemaking, was more or less lost and mass-produced cheese became the norm. These days hobby (as well as professional) cheesemaking is being re-discovered, but production is still on a small scale. Book this tasting to learn all about the exciting world of craft beer in Hungary, and the delicious cheese and charcuterie which pairs so nicely with it.